Smoked Bowls: Ramen Night

For our first pop up shop of the year we hosted a Ramen Night event featuring chef collaborations from Joey Stalling, Howard Hsu, and Reid Turner of Kimball House. The menu for this event was much like our daily menu in that it highlighted our signature pairing of deep south and far east flavors.


Guests had a few choices for appetizers to munch on while they waited for Da’ Bowl. First were Betty’s Baos, which are steamed Chinese Buns filled with BBQ pork. As a favorite from our Sunday brunch buffet, we figured what better item to include to satisfy those BBQ cravings.


The pork spare ribs were tossed in our famous Wu-Tang sauce and served with a scallion-lime garnish. “They’re much more than traditional ribs,” said one guest. “An underlying spice combined with the sweetness of the sauce creates a mouthwatering sensation.”


Ginger’s Salad was another munchie comprised of Chinese long beans, pickled ginger, charred shishito, and Thai bean dressing. The Chinese long beans were cooked to perfection with a crisp, ginger finish.


Last but not least, Da’ Bowl. Our take in Tonkatsu ramen included pork cheek char siu, sous vide soft boiled egg, Japanese nori, black bean okra and corn. The broth was anything but overpowering as it accompanied the noodles and other fixings with a light pork flavor that allowed for all ingredients to be savored.


Sweet Auburn Barbecue’s talented bar staff created two special cocktails that complemented the Smoked Bowls. One drink mixed sake punch with fresh ginger and the other featured Voices in the Mist Sake with Mezcal, roasted ruby red grapefruit, mole biters, and Zucca Amaro. Both drinks made for an excellent pairing with the pop up shop menu.


The line around the corner proved that Ramen Night was a highly anticipated event in the Poncey-Highlands. We thank you all for your continued support and hope to see you at one of our other upcoming pop up shops. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what’s cookin’ here at Sweet Auburn Barbecue! Here are some more photos from our Smoked Bowls event taken by Jessie Parks.